Sunday, August 25, 2013

Deli sandwich, without the "sandwich" part :(

Suggesting that we go to a kosher delicatessen for lunch turned out not to have been one of my better ideas.  Most of the lunch items on the menu were either sandwiches or salad platters, and since I can't eat either wheat, cole slaw, or potato salad . . . well, you get the picture.  The pastrami omelette was scrumptious, but, in addition to being high in cholesterol specifically, it was also pretty high in fat in general, which--you guessed it--is yet another thing that bothers my cranky digestive system.  Sigh.  I'm running out of restaurants.

I topped off my day's consumption with half a sheet of spelt matzah (a gift from a kind fellow congregant who's wheat-intolerant) and one chocolate rugelach (er, singular is "ruggle?"), just to be sure that I'd have some gluten in my system for tomorrow's gluten-intolerance blood test.  I think I can tolerate spelt, but, after the "fun" (er, "run") I had with Oreos this past Friday, I didn't dare have the wheat-based ruggle until we got home.

Monday morning update:
Lab tests, schmab tests--the unofficial results are already in, even though I haven't had the blood test yet.  Apparently, just as I can (currently) get away with eating Chinese food cooked with soy sauce that has wheat in it, or eating a small piece of challah and a small piece of donut without creating too many problems, but I can't eat a whole package of six Oreos, so, too, I can eat a one-inch-wide piece of spelt matzah, but not half a sheet.  Oy.

And my husband, just to keep me company in terms of medical (mis)adventures, has developed another kidney stone.  Or perhaps he's just becoming somewhat lactose intolerant, he speculates.  If so, welcome to the club--and be sure to cut your ice-cream servings in half.


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